Wireless Anemometers & Displays

Wind Anemometers and Displays

NAVIS Anemometers consist of wind speed and/or wind direction sensors which wirelessly transmit real time wind and temperature data to your paired display unit and in some applications to your smartphone or tablet via our WINDY™ smartphone app. With our free app, you can read instant data including, average and maximum wind speed, direction, temperature and view history graphs.
  • Mobile, tower and bridge crane applications
  • Lift applications
  • Wherever wind speed alarm is needed
  • WSM W410 ( 3 x Relay Outputs)
  • WSM W410X (Extended Range, 3 x Relay Outputs
  • WSM W410/4-20mA (3 x Relay + 4-20 mA Outputs)
  • WSM W410X/4-20mA (Extended Range 3 x Relay + 4-20 mA Outputs)
  • WSM W410 BAT/M (Standard Display with Bluetooth Data Feed To Smartphone)
  • Wireless sensor and magnetic mounting
  • Long range, up to 500 m (1300 m w/W410X)
  • Up to 5 years sensor battery life
  • Alarm and pre-alarm warning lights
  • Built-in audible alarm
  • 3 programmable alarm relay outputs
  • Back-lit graphic LCD
  • Magnetic sensor mounting (accessory)
  • Self leveling sensor mounting (accessory)
  • Optional wireless repeater/recorder
  • Current wind speed
  • Bar graph for current wind speed
  • Bar graph for peak wind speed in
    last 2 min
  • 3 programmable alarm relays with
    adjustable ON OFF delays
  • 8 h wind speed and alarm history graph
  • Temperature

Setup Instructions:

  1. Stick the Anemometer anywhere you need, with its handy magnetic bracket;
  2. Attach your display unit to any metal surface with its handy magnetic bracket;
  3. Turn on your display unit (your anemometer and display are already set up to talk to each other);
  4. Set your desired safety parameters;
  5. Upload WINDY™ to your smart phone and set your safety parameters;
  6. Enter the unit number of your Anemometer into the smart phone application;
  7. The smartphone application will parallel the display unit up to 100 meters.
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Wind Anemometer and Displays

Technical Specifications:

Spec Model 1
Measurement Range 0,8-50,0 m/s
Unit of Measurement m/s, km/h, knots, mph
Averaging Period Selectable: 2 s, 10 s, 30 s
Operating Voltage 12-24 V DC
Power Consumption Max 300 mA
WSM W410 Transm Dist. Up to 500 m
WSM W410X Transm Dist. Up to 1300 m
Transm Dist. W/ 2 Yagi Antennas 5-8x nominal range
Operating Frequency 868 MHz, optionally 908 MHz
Temp Operating Range -25˚…+60˚C
Outputs 3 x relay, 2 A/24 V
WSM W410/4-20mA Signal Output 4…20 mA
4 mA= 1 m/s
20 mA = programmable 10-50 m/s
Sound Signal 85-90 dB
Antenna Input 50 Ohm, SMA connector
Data Transmitting Every 2 seconds
Resolution 0,1 m/s
Accuracy +/- 3%
Sensor Battery 3,6 V AA Lithium batter, enclosed
Battery Life Up to 5 years (3 years on WSM W410X)
Sensor Bearings 2x precision SS ball bearings
Sensor Housing AL/PVC
Sensor Cups (Replaceable) PA (NYLON)
Casing Receiver ABS, Ip65
Receiver Dimensions 150 x 80 55 mm
Sensor Dimensions 210 mm H, overall dia 120 mm
Mounting Mounted on 20 mm dia pipe

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