Tower Crane Services

No matter the brand or supplier of your tower crane Bigfoot can take your tower crane service and support programs to the next level.

We offer the following services for self-erecting and tower cranes, all performed by fully qualified, certified and insured technicians.

Complete tower crane mobilization and erection services inclusive of:

  • On-site hoisting needs evaluations;
  • Site assessments and crane placement recommendations;
  • Crane recommendations;
  • All required engineering;
  • Geotechnical specifications;
  • Permit specifications;
  • Detailed crane installation schedules;
  • Safety planning;
  • Crane delivery logistics;
  • Crane assembly and commissioning;
  • Crane operator orientation;
  • Regular scheduled maintenance;
  • 24/7/365 on call service and support;
  • Canada’s largest range of under hook accessories also available for rent

On-site tower crane services:

  • Scheduled tower crane maintenance;
  • On-site tower crane repair services;
  • On-site tower crane inspection services;
  • On-site tower crane certification/re-certification services;

Off-site tower crane shop services:

  • In-shop repair services;
  • In-shop heavy maintenance services;
  • In-shop tower crane rebuild services;
  • In-shop inspection services;
  • In-shop tower crane certification/re-certification services

Crane Yard Storage

Yard storage services:

  • Dedicated storage areas;
  • Scheduled receiving and offloading by experienced technicians;
  • Secured yard with 24/7/365 CCTV/night vision coverage;
  • Shrink wrap services available on long term storage to protect your valuable electrical and electronic components;
  • Scheduled loading by experienced technicians;
  • Your outbound shipping logistics are all extensively documented and timed to meet your project needs.

Not sure which crane would best fit your needs? Give us a call!

Each and every Bigfoot service is provided to you with a firm, no BS quote and complete on-site or in-shop insurance coverage. Request a quote on your next project to discover Bigfoot’s legendary service.

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