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A San Marco SMH 420 Self Erecting Tower Crane Supplied by Eagle West (acquired by Bigfoot Crane Company) cut production time on this project by 45%Westridge Construction Ltd. of Regina, Saskatchewan ( faced an interesting construction project. They were under contract to build a $12,000,000.00 three story office complex with each floor being 20,000 square feet plus a partial basement of 9,500 square feet.The project would be a cast in place concrete structure with three staircase shafts and one elevator shaft. On the whole this would not seem to be a highly challenging project, until one factors in how tight the project site is with no access to the west or south side of structure and limited access to the east and north sides.

To say the construction site was tight and operating space at a premium would be a significant understatement. Westridge was in fact planning on using an off site materials staging area with the added costs of the yard and extra materials transport as an added cost to the project. A solution that could improve the site logistics, eliminate the off site yard (and its related costs), operating conditions and safety while lowering production costs would be a godsend and Eagle West provided just the solution required.

self erecting tower crane efficiency

Eagle West (acquired by Bigfoot Crane Company) supplied the right tool for the job, a San Marco SMH 420 hydraulic self erecting crane. This crane has a hook service height elevation of 77′ and a jib length of 136′ 9″ providing a total service range of up to 273′ 6″. The crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 8,820 lbs and can lift 2,205 lbs at its jib tip.

What’s more important is that this crane does not require any concrete footings or foundations and has a foot print of just 14′ 9″ X 14′ 9″. The SMH420 can operate inside just 324 square feet of yard space! Another key value of this crane is that it is possible to set up quickly, anywhere from 4 – 8 hrs once the self erect crane is delivered to site.

When the project started Westridge did not yet have its San Marco SMH 420 self erecting crane delivered and was adding floors using just telescopic forklifts and manual labor. Then the crane arrived and was installed by Eagle West and in no time Westridge was constructing floors in half the time.

crane for tight job site

The crane saved on production time as all the columns could now be set and poured with the crane while all slabs and shafts were poured with a concrete pump.

According to Dave Labbie, the Project Superintendant, the use of the self erecting crane was able to increase the on-site service area by at least 50% while on-site production increased at a minimum of 45%.

office complex construction

Dave further commented that “the Rod-Buster is very happy, all his materials are placed exactly where he wants them, manual labor is significantly reduced with and a big increase in productivity, a double win. He (the Rod-Buster) has told me that he wishes there was a crane like this on every job in town”.

The bottom line for Westridge Construction Ltd. can be wrapped up in two direct quotes from Dave Labbie:

  1. I have always said “if you cannot get the men you want (or production from them) then get the right equipment” and we sure have, “this crane is great.”
  2. “This is one of the best values we have ever spent money on; this crane will be paid off in two projects.”

tower crane, saskatchewan

Additional factors Dave commented on:

Increased Safety

  1. The material handling safety factor at the site has much improved and this brings with it a higher safety factor to the entire project site
  2. Increased accuracy of material placement, ensures materials are placed exactly where the tradesmen want them with less exposure to all materials handling risks
  3. Significant reductions in manual labor mean less people to get hurt and less job site congestion

Site Management

  1. This is a very tight jobsite and we were in need of a off-site materials staging yard
  2. With the SMH 420 we now have a single unloading zone on-site for all incoming materials serviced by our crane and our need for the off site yard was eliminated
  3. Materials are then redistributed with our crane, to where we want them at the construction site
  4. We have doubled the effective use of our jobsite space and have not needed the off-site staging yard

Return On Investment

  1. This crane will be paid off in two – three projects
  2. Lower manpower and related benefit costs
  3. This is one of the best values we have ever spent money on
  4. We are very happy with our purchase