Crane Spreader Bars

Italian Craftsmanship, Engineered for North America

Increase your lifting capacity & efficiency

Crane spreader bars protect your load from rigging materials. They enable multi pick point lifts and ensure a maintained sling angle throughout your hoist. However, standard spreader bars (even when telescopic) have a maximum length. If the length required exceeds the maximum length, you would need to purchase another spreader bar.Boscaro’s EZ spreader bar system eliminates the need for carrying an assortment of crane spreader bars. It allows you to adapt to the changing demands of your job site. With male and female interlocking components, the unique design provides multiple configurations. You can utilize each section as an individual bar or combine components to form an adjustable spreader bar with 1’ increments.The light weight build, and the option to disassemble the components significantly helps to improve your capacity capabilities. It makes transportation, assembly and storage of the system simple and time efficient.

Our crane spreader bars have been designed and fully tested with ASME compliance in mind. Each component comes complete with the required documentation as proof of their North American wide acceptance. Check out the video below to watch a demonstration from assembly to lift.

Watch the Boscaro crane spreader bars in action

The crane spreader bar components are galvanized, which increases durability and prevents paint chips occurring from repetitive movement. Whether you select the Boscaro’s 4’ or 8’ EZ crane spreader bar system you’ll be improving your efficiency and helping to manage project costs. To see an example of project application, take a look at our case study of how Active Crane Rentals used a spreader bar setup to perform a straight line pull and hoist Amtrak train cars.


  • Modular system
  • Ranges from 4′ to 34′
  • Lift Range from 110 tonnes to 15 tonnes
  • Galvanized for durability
  • Easily transported & stored


Model Min Length Max Capacity Ext. Length Ext. Capacity
15t EZ Bar System 4′ 15 Tons 16′ 6″ 3 Tons
35t EZ Bar System 8′ 35 Tons 34′ 7 Tons
110t EZ Bar System 8′ 110 Tons 34′ 27 Tons
*Capacity is based off a 60 degree sling angle

Built to Spec Spreader Bars


Model Max Capacity
BIL-10 1000 kg/ 2204 lb
BIL-15 1500 kg/ 3306 lb
BIL-20 2000 kg/ 4409 lb
BIL-30 3000 kg/ 6614 lb
BIL-50 5000 kg/ 11023 lb
BIL-80 8000 kg/ 17637 lb
BIL-99 10000 kg/ 22046 lb
BIL-200 20000 kg/ 44092 lb
*Dimensions and Weight are available upon demand.

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