Boscaro A Series Tipping Buckets

Italian Craftsmanship, Engineered for North America

Boscaro A-Series Crane Tipping Bucket
Boscaro A-Series Crane Tipping Bucket dimensions

Boscaro A-Series Crane Tipping Bucket

The Boscaro A-Series Crane Tipping Bucket is one model of the Boscaro line in self-dumping crane bins. ASME approved and engineered to last, these bins are a must have.


  • Dual direction tipping bin
  • Durable powder coated finish
  • Payloads up to 5,290 lb2,400 kg
  • Capacities up to 1.96 cu yd1,500 L


Boscaro A-Series Crane Tipping Bucket. Looking for durability and dual direction tipping? Select one of Boscaro’s A series tipping buckets, complete with powder coated finish.

By meeting or exceeding all ASME standards our bins and buckets are approved for use across North America and come with the corresponding documentation.

Click here to Download PDF SPEC SHEET


Metric or Imperial Switch

Model Capacity (Volume) Dimensions Capacity (Weight) Weight
A-50 0.65 cu yd500 L 3′ 7″1.10 m 4′ 7″1.39 m 3′ 0″0.91 m 1′ 8″0.50 m 1,760 lb800 kg 210 lb95 kg
A-99 1.30 cu yd1,000 L 5′ 2″1.57 m 5′ 7″1.70 m 3′ 8″1.12 m 2′ 3″0.70 m 3,525 lb1,600 kg 330 lb160 kg
A-150 1.96 cu yd1,500 L 6′ 7″2.00 m 6′ 5″1.96 m 4′ 7″1.40 m 2′ 7″0.80 m 5,290 lb2,400 kg 595 lb270 kg

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