Boscaro BR Series Forklift Bins

Italian Craftsmanship, Engineered for North America

Boscaro BR-Series Forklift Tipping Bin

Boscaro BR-Series Forklift Tipping Bin

The Boscaro BR-Series Forklift Tipping Bin is an all-around forklift bin perfect for a wide range of applications and materials. ASME approved and engineered to last.


  • Multipurpose tipping bin
  • To be used with a forklift
  • Capacities up to 1.96 cu yd1,500 L

With 4 models to choose from, the BR series is made up of tipping bins designed to be used by a forklift.

All of our bins and buckets are certified for use in North America thanks to meeting or exceeding all ASME regulations.


Metric or Imperial Switch

Model Capacity (Volume) Capacity (Weight) Dimensions Weight
Length Width Height
BR-30 0.39 cu yd300 L 2,204 lb1,000 kg 4′ 3″1.30 m 3′ 7″1.10 m 1′ 10″0.57 m 440 lb200 kg
BR-50 0.65 cu yd500 L 3,306 lb1,500 kg 4′ 7″1.40 m 4′ 2″1.27 m 1′ 10″0.57 m 551 lb250 kg
BR-100 1.31 cu yd1,000 L 4,408 lb2,000 kg 4′ 7″1.40 m 5′ 11″1.80 m 2′ 2″0.65 m 705 lb320 kg
BR-150 1.96 cu yd1,500 L 6,614 lb3,000 kg 4′ 11″1.50 m 6′ 7″2.00 m 2′ 2″0.65 m 837 lb380 kg


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