Concrete Crane Bucket Boscaro C-N Series

Italian Craftsmanship, Engineered for North America

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Improve your efficiency with 5 crane buckets in 1

Improve efficiency of operation and concrete flow with the C-N concrete crane bucket series from Boscaro. The featured auto-closing spring gate system gives you complete control. Whether on the ground or operating the gate with a pull rope as the bucket is suspended, the C-N series allows you to regulate the rate of the concrete’s discharge.

Our entire line of concrete crane buckets is built to meet or exceed the regulations of ASME and come with the required tags and documentation; making them suitable for use throughout North America.


  • 5 buckets in 1
  • High value attachments to choose from:– side chutes, forklift pockets, elephant trunks
  • Auto closing gate
  • Meets or exceeds all ASME standards
  • Tested for safety, strength, and longevity

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Metric or Imperial Switch

Model Capacity Height Height* Diameter Payload Weight* Side Chute Fork Pockets*
C-50N 0.65 cu yd500 L 3’8″1.13 m 4’4″1.23 m 3’5″1.05 m 2,866 lb1,300 kg 250 lb105 kg 33 lb15 kg 210 lb95 kg
C-99N 1.3 cu yd1,000 L 4’2″1.25 m 4’10”1.45 m 5’2″1.59 m 5,732 lb2,600 kg 507 lb230 kg 33 lb15 kg 210 lb95 kg
C-150N 2.0 cu yd1,500 L 5’0″1.53 m 5’8″1.70 m 5’2″1.59 m 8,598 lb3,900 kg 585 lb265 kg 33 lb15 kg 210 lb95 kg
C-200N 2.6 cu yd2,000 L 5’0″1.53 m 5’8″1.70 m 6’0″1.85 m 11,464 lb5,200 kg 677 lb307 kg 40 lb18 kg 255 lb115 kg
Height*: Height with fork pockets
Weight*: Does not include side chute and/or fork pockets
Fork Pockets*: Includes 6’6″ elephant trunk
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