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CRC/ICHC Conference 2013

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Crane & Rigging Conference | Industrial Crane & Hoist Conference
CRC/ICHC is an independent crane, rigging, and hoist conference for safety and risk managers, crane and rigging supervisors, fleet managers, and other people working with cranes in construction and heavy industry.

Launched in 2010 by MCM Events, the conference has been held in both the United States and Canada in…

Boscaro Self Dumping Bin Product Review

self dumping crane buckets by boscaro

The A-D Series Self Dumping Crane Bucket
Bigfoot Crane Company is your one-stop shop from the smallest of self erectors to some of the largest tower cranes in the market today, all complimented with the accessories you need to maximize on-site crane performance. Bigfoot Crane is the exclusive North American distributor of Boscaro Crane Attachments.


Crane accessories lik…

EZ Spreader Bar Lifting System by Boscaro

crane attachments for hoists

Revolutionize Your Use of Crane Spreader Bars

The use of spreader bars has many advantages; they protect your load from rigging materials, enable multi pick point lifts and ensure a maintained sling angle throughout your hoist.

Although the typical spreader bars of the industry have these benefits, their use comes with some drawbacks. Typical spreader bars, even when telescopic, have a…

Case History – City Crane in Vancouver’s Gastown District

tower crane in vancouver, bc, canada

When Haebler Construction needed a crane to deal with extra tight working conditions during their reconstruction of the historic “Garage Building” in the Gastown district of downtown Vancouver Canada it was Eagle West Equipment Inc. (acquired by Bigfoot Crane Company) to the rescue.

Eagle West organized and executed a set of well planned lifts to rig the San Marco SMT 551 city cran…

Case History – Self Erecting Tower Crane Efficiency

A San Marco SMH 420 Self Erecting Tower Crane Supplied by Eagle West (acquired by Bigfoot Crane Company) cut production time on this project by 45%Westridge Construction Ltd. of Regina, Saskatchewan ( faced an interesting construction project. They were under contract to build a $12,000,000.00 three story office complex with each floor being 20,000 square feet plus a partia…

Concrete Bucket Washout Station by Boscaro

concrete bucket washout station

BOSCARO as a leading edge global producer of crane accessories and materials handling equipment is highly aware of the growing need inside the construction industry for responsible environmental management on the job site and so has introduced to the market a “Concrete Bucket Washout Station” to work in conjunction with its heavy commercial BCE concrete bucket product…

Tips on Great Customer Service

customer satisfaction

How would you react if…

… you got a call from your car dealer service manager a week after having some repairs done just to make sure everything is okay? You got a call from your doctor the evening after treatment just to check up on you. You got a questionnaire in the mail from a restaurant you dined at soliciting your comments and suggestions.

Some business people tell me that’s…

10 Steps Towards Preventing Crane Accidents

multi crane lift

Written by: Robert Ingraham, Former HSE Director Eagle West Cranes Inc. (acquired by Bigfoot Crane Company)

Human error is the most common cause of crane accidents. This extends to both crane operators and those workers responsible for maintenance and safety procedures. Accidents often occur when crane maintenance and operating procedures don’t keep up with the increasing risks and…

Tower Cranes vs Mobile Cranes

tower cranes vs mobile cranes

A Case History of How Your Choice of Crane Type Makes a Big Impact on Construction Performance
‘Saint Louis is a rough terrain and standard hydro crane community. I think that’s about to change,’ stated Mike Brys, Site Superintendant for the Paric Corporation, after working with two San Marco SMT Tower Cranes rented from Custom Service Crane Inc for a major project. The Aberdeen Heights…

Case History – Floating Crane

case history - floating crane

When: April 2010, About 12 months (Winter off)

Where: Bow Lake, Strafford, New Hampshire

Customer: Whitcher Builders

Crane: San Marco SMH 421 Self Erecting Crane

What: Smedley Crane & Rigging has put a San Marco SMH 421 Self Erecting Crane on a barge.This is a very innovative crane set up and is the first of its kind with the self erector. They are helping build a house on an…

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